Adriel Eye Health is not your typical Optometric Practice

  • Our methods are an alternative to the common optometry practice.
  • In general, optometry only provide the solution on the surface. We trace the root cause of the eye problem and provide a possible alternative solution.
  • The key to our practice is PREVENTIVE & RESTORATION eye care plus Genetic Eyecare.

Put a STOP to the Power Increase!

ARC Eyewear™ is the solution to microscopic light dispersions™

What Our Customers Are Saying...

"I am very pleased with the technology and science at Adriel Eye Health, and their patience and services as well. Since my new lenses, I have a new found freedom as well as no more headaches during my long hours of reading and writing. Thank you! :)"
T. E. Fernandez
"I have been a customer here for many years and have been provided with the best service and information. The products I have purchased has also lasted for more than 3 years. The staff and doctors are always very welcoming and willing to provide detailed information. I would recommend this place to other people."
Jessica Marie Fong
"I find Adriel Eye Health to be very professional and the business to be passionate about their chosen field. The staff are very friendly and attentive. I feel that this is not just a business, but a service that has the customer's interests at heart."
Robert Wordill
"We are very happy and grateful to have Adriel to help our daughter's eye's problem. Now her eye sight has improved a lot and she is more happy and confident in her daily intellectual work. All the staff and doctors in Adriel are very kind and generous in helping our daughter to go through her sessions. Thanks again."
Monica Tan

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